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FEBRUARY 10, 2024 


Welcome to Recovery House of Central Florida, Inc.

Faith-Based Addiction Recovery in Central Florida

Voted #14 in Florida for Best Addiction Treatment Centers in 2021, Recovery House of Central Florida offers over 26 years of experience in faith-based addiction recovery. We specialize in trauma-informed care, individualized recovery programs, family reunification, and holistic healing through physical activity. 

We are a faith-based community and organization located in the heart of Florida. Recovery House of Central Florida. Inc. has been in operation for since the 1990’s and has gained great experience, insight, and knowledge in working with addiction recovery, the dually diagnosed or co-occurring disorders impacting the mental state of any person. We have excelled in treating these conditions as well as trauma-informed care. Our professional staff has over 60 years of combined experience and will work to increase each person’s quality of life.

Begin your journey of hope, knowledge, and faith in Christ with us.

Voted #14 in the State of Florida

America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2021

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What we do

We provide a six-month faith-based recovery program for men. Our program offers recovery-based treatment, group therapy, individual counseling sessions, guided life and recovery coaching sessions, 12-step meeting, and more.

Addiction Treatment

Substance Abuse Counseling

On-site Clinical Consulting

Family Counseling and Family Reunification

Employability Job Training

Life and Financial Management Skills

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At Recovery House we seek to restore your relationship with God, your family, and your friends. Recovery is a journey and no one should have to do it alone. Take the first step, give us a call or fill out the form below. We are 100% confidential and support individualized care.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment through Physical Activity

Addiction and substance use causes many changes in the human body. It impacts the body, mind, and emotions. Usage produces by-products of toxins that remain in the body, even after usage is over. The toxins and use impact a person’s recovery by leaving traces of use that also create triggers, such as craving in clients. 

Physical activity is a larger part of the individualized plan of care for each client in programs and treatment at  RHCF. Recreation, such as exercise, helps to restore the physical body and brain, which supports the operations of the mind and thoughts. RHCF provides organized outings, sports, and other recreational activities to support addiction recovery and healing to help overcome addiction, live healthier, and enrich lives for long term recovery

Our Mission Statement

To reduce addiction and homelessness in Seminole County by empowering and equipping men to become sober and self-sufficient members of society. We are a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to providing transitional housing and recovery support services using a program consisting of addiction education, life skills, vocational training, counseling, and family reunification. RHCF provides these services to homeless men regardless of their ability to pay.

Veteran Case Management Program

Recovery House of Central Florida’s Veteran Case management program is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, links, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the progressive plan and services required to meet each veteran’s individualized housing and stabilization plan. It is characterized by advocacy and communication to find and establish adequate housing for our military veterans.

Our Funders

Help Us Empower Lives

It Takes a Village to Keep Recovery House Operating! And Volunteers are a BIG part of our village. From Training and Ministry to administrative and event support … We welcome volunteer help and donations. There is nothing more rewarding than to see how your valuable volunteer effort or financial contributions make a profound difference in the lives of our program participants, their families, and even the community at large.

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