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About Us

Recovery House Began with the Heart of One Man

Who We Are

We are a faith-based community-based organization located in the heart of Florida. If you are or someone you love is dealing with any form of alcohol or substance abuse and you are looking for a place to support recovery and increase hope, Recovery House of Central Fl. Inc. is the place for you. We provide comprehensive services through certified and licensed therapies and with a support team of professionals. Recovery House” Hope for everyone

Our Philosophy

The clinical philosophy of RHCF, Inc. is centered in a cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, and trauma-focused perspective. There is a robust assessment-based component to RHCF’s mental health services. Each client participates in a comprehensive assessment process upon enrollment in an RHCF program.   Assessment based treatment refers to the development of an integrated plan of prioritized evidenced-based interventions, that is based on the diagnosis and psychosocial assessment of the client, to address mental, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and addictive disorders, impairments, and the outcomes and reactions stemming from illnesses, emotional trauma and social hardship. All assessments and direct services integrate the following concepts and theories:

Interventions and clinical practices

The role of the therapist is to integrate the family, caregiver, and existing family and community supports (as appropriate) in the clinical services and interventions. We understand the need to address the family as a whole

Each person's strength

All assessments, treatment plans, interventions, supervision are designed to identify the youth’s strengths. All behavior modification systems are designed to track positive behaviors.

Culturally informed

 All Assessments, treatment plans and interventions recognize, respect and integrate cultural differences.  The differences are identified as strengths and utilized to build positive relationships.

Faith Based

All services are provided from a Christ Centered view.

Person Centered

All treatment plans and behavior interventions are based on the individual and address the individual’s needs and strengths. RHCF creates a therapeutic environment in which all treatment plans and behavior interventions are based on the individual needs and strength.

Our History

The heart and soul of Recovery House date back to 1986 when founder, John Hagan, began taking homeless men with substance abuse issues into his personal residence to help them start a new life.

Demand Drives Recovery Program and Housing
In response to an overwhelming need, Recovery House found a way to begin using the Lake Minnie Drive residential facility in 1995. This facility currently houses up to 48 men in emergency shelter and transitional living programs. Recovery House was incorporated as The Recovery House of Central Florida in 1997 and obtained our 501(c) designation in 2000. In  2017 Recovery House was able to purchase the property at 401 Pecan Ave. in Sanford which has allowed them to expand.

Recovery House Growth Driven by Passion and Ingenuity
Recovery House has continued its success over the years with passion, ingenuity with the support of self-sacrificing volunteers and do-it-yourself solutions. The passion and ingenuity from our volunteers have supported our mission, giving us the ability to accomplish great things. While Recovery House has accomplished much during this period the demand for transitional living programs and emergency shelters for men continues to grow.

Increased Capacity Needs Force Change
Like many founder-based charitable programs, the Recovery House of Central Florida finds itself at a crossroads in its development. We must make a significant investment in our organizational infrastructure and facilities to achieve sustainability as the strains of everyday survival have come to overwhelm the focus on the mission. Growth, and success, are justifiably accompanied by rising expectations in the eyes of funders, regulators, and even core supporters.

Recovery House Evolves into a Mainstream Solution and Model for the Community
Now that we have developed a strong Board of Directors and focused on strengthening the organization along with developing a strategic long-term plan. Along with reorganizing and strengthening our organizational infrastructure and increasing capacity with improved facilities is our top priority. With the dedication of our Board, these objectives are well underway.  It is a dream that has been a long time in the making. With your continued support, we can make it a reality.

Our Mission Statement

To reduce addiction and homelessness in Seminole County by empowering and equipping men to become sober and self-sufficient members of society. We are a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to providing transitional housing and recovery support services using a program consisting of addiction education, life skills, vocational training, counseling, and family reunification. RHCF provides these services to homeless men regardless of their ability to pay.

Community Impact

Recovery House of Central Florida impacts lives, helps families and our community each and every day.

Board of Directors

The Recovery House of Central Florida’s Board of Directors is an esteemed group of individuals who work tirelessly to help fulfill our mission and provide professional guidance. Their input is invaluable for the growth and continued development of our organization. We wish to thank them for all their contribution and support.